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The Complete Package of Canine Care Services

Bark Complete Canine Care offers a full care package for dog owners in Western Australia. Our customers are dedicated and discerning dog owners that want and demand the best possible care and treatment for their pet. Read more about our available services on this page.

Fun Agility

Agility is a dog sport. A handler uses his or her voice and movement to direct a dog through an obstacle course. It is a very popular competitive sport where the handlers and dogs race for accuracy and time. It is also a form of exercise for all dogs.

At Bark Complete Canine Care, our fun agility is based on enjoying and building a relationship with your dog. Over a six-week course, dogs will learn to listen to their owners and respond to their commands in a fun and relaxed way.

Benefits of Agility:

  • Strengthens Bond With Owner
  • Develops Listening Skills
  • Retains Recall
  • Helps With Anxiety

  • Benefits Mental and Physical Stimulation

  • Good for General Health and Well-Being
  • Suitable for Dogs Over Six Months of Age
  • Good for General Obedience

A Word on Dog Agility

I have found it invaluable as a method to help owners understand their dogs better and the results have been remarkable in transforming relationships. Dog and owners working together and enjoying time spent can be done on a one-to-one basis.

- Christine Webb, Owner and Founder of Bark Complete Canine Care


  • Basic Training
    • We will help you train your pooch basic actions like “sit down”, “leave it”, walking nicely on a lead, no jumping up, coming when called and basic manners.
  • One-On-One Training
    • We will come and help you and your dog at home.
  • Remedial Training
    • We will work with you and your pooch through any problems such as aggression.
  • Group Training
    • We also offer group classes at our own secure site.
  • Puppy School
    • Helping Your Pup Socialize
    • Introducing a Good Citizens Award for All Dogs
    • Working Through Bronze, Silver and Gold
    • Training and Agility Courses Run on a Six-Week Period
    • Allowing up to Eight Dogs per Class in Agility and Group Training to Ensure Our Close Attention
    • All Training Courses Are Praise- and Reward-Based

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Let us take care of your dog while you’re away! We will look after your pets in your home even if you go on a holiday. If you need us to stay overnight, we’ll gladly do so!

Grooming and Collection

We groom dogs of all breeds, coats and temperaments. Nervous dogs, as well as those with sensitive or itchy skin, and even cats are welcome! Rest assured that they will be given a five-star treatment. Note that none of our sessions include cage drying.

We use top-quality products with natural oils to enhance coat health. Vet-prescribed treatments for flea and other special treatments are available. Our services also include:

  • Clipping Nails
  • Scissor Styling Nails
  • Cleaning Ears and Anal Glands

Current Promotions

Give us your dog’s birth date and we will send a birthday card on that special day. Inside the card, you will find a 20% discount coupon for his or her next grooming session.

Recommend five friends and get a free grooming service worth more than $60. Note that all of your friends have to pay the full price. Terms and conditions apply on all our promotions.

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