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A Reliable Canine Care Business

About Our Founder

Christine Webb is a fully qualified and registered dog groomer and trainer. She established Bark Complete Canine Care during the 80s in the UK, and restarted it in April 2016 after moving to Western Australia. Among the types of dogs she has bred include:

  • Border Collie
  • Belgian Shepherd
  • Lhasa Apso

Trust her to give the love and care your dog needs. She is very passionate about canine care and will go the extra mile to take care of your pup.

Christine and Her Humble Beginnings

She started grooming and training dogs when she was a teenager. Her first dog was a black miniature poodle named Johnny. She got him from a lady groomer who lived down the road. The woman did not have room for the dog anymore so she gave him to Christine.

Christine took him to training classes every week and groomed him every day. The groomer gave him his beauty treatment every 6-8 weeks. Christine started to help by bathing and brushing Johnny. Loving every bit of it, she considered a career in the canine industry.

At the local dog club, Christine learned how to train dogs using different methods. She would constantly update herself on new training methods to better understand dogs and to improve her craft. Ultimately, she learned that dogs not only enrich our lives as companions but also touch our lives as service or therapy dogs.

Training Methods

Christine uses praise and reward methods for all dogs. She believes that choke collars and electric shock collars have no place in an educated and science-based training environment. Once the dog has been conditioned, she uses the clicker training method as it allows the dog to learn more quickly.

Christine teaches owners about how their dogs learn, read body language and communicate with each other. She assists dog owners so they understand their pups better and achieve a special relationship built on trust and understanding.

Whilst in the UK, she taught grooming and dog behaviour at two of the largest further education institutions in Dorset for many years after gaining her certification from City & Guilds 775/776 in 1991. She also ran her own grooming and training and agility schools back then.

Christine has exhibited at Crufts and numerous dog shows at all levels in the UK. She has also worked in rescue centres, where she rehabilitated dogs that have been severely traumatised in the hands of abusive owners.

I have had tremendous delight in seeing these dogs successfully adopted into their own families and having had the rest of their lives filled with love.

- Christine Webb, Owner and Founder of Bark Complete Canine Care

Qualifications and Associations

Dog Grooming Qualification (City & Guilds of London Institute)

National Certified Master Groomer (USA)

Fully Qualified Dog Training Instructor (MIACE)

Dog Training and Agility Instructors Certificate (Ascot UK)

Member of Dog Groomers Association of Western Australia

Member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers of Western Australia (APDT)

Mission Statement

We aim to educate dog owners in a clear and concise way. We want to make good dog ownership accessible, applicable and adaptable.

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